Consumer Rights Act 2015

Private Landscaping Customers

  1. In accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, Section 5. The consumer pays or agrees to pay the price as shown on the quotation. Coombe and Sharpe retains ownership of the materials until the conditions specified in the quotation are met.
  2. All quotations provided include the cost of materials, labour and delivery charges.
  3. Coombe and Sharpe representatives have visited the customer in their home and sent a written quotation at a later date. This allows the customer to decide and enter into a contract when they are ready to do so and is deemed an ‘On Premises Contract’ and hence Coombe and Sharpe do not have to give cancellation rights.
  4. Where additional works are requested by the customer once work has begun on the agreed quotation, verbal agreement will be made with the customer of the additional price and material and labour required to complete the additional works, this will be followed up with a written agreement via email and a response from the customer will be sought prior to any additional work taking place.
  5. Upon completion of the works a written invoice will be sent to the customer with details of how the customer is to make payment.
  6. Payment is to be made within 7 days unless otherwise agreed.
  7. Where customers have a complaint about the work undertaken. Contact should be made with Coombe and Sharpe within a 2-month period, although Coombe and Sharpe will always endeavour to return and resolve issues where possible. Works are guaranteed for 1 year from date of completion.
  8. Coombe and Sharpe Registered Address: David Allen Accountants. Dalmar House, Barras Lane Estate, Dalston CA5 7NY

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