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Why battle trying to maintain that perfect grass lawn, with the time it takes to mow and weed, the difficulty getting the grass to grow if the conditions aren’t ideal, dealing with the mud in wet weather… when you can have an artificial one?

The days of the scratchy neon-green toothbrush-type artificial grass have gone; today’s artificial turf is stunningly realistic. There are several products in the range depending on your needs and tastes; some are pet-friendly, others are child-friendly, some can look like a natural expanse of grass whilst others can give you the perfect bowling-green lawn. All give you a solution which is durable, always green and resulting in less dirt being walked into your home or business.

A layer of compacted pea gravel is laid onto the prepared ground prior to the artificial turf being laid, which ensures an even surface and provides good drainage. Or if you’re really struggling with boggy conditions, we can combine the turf with one of our advanced drainage solutions.

The artificial turf we install is sourced one of our specialist suppliers, depending on the nature of the project.

We’re pleased to work with Maryport company Artificial Grass Ltd.  Also trading as SIS Pitches supplying artificial grass products for sports arenas and team playing surfaces, their turf range will withstand all your family can throw at it. You don’t need to be installing a footy pitch to benefit from the robustness and natural look of their fantastic products!

We also source a range of artificial turf products from MCA Floorwise, a specialist flooring supplier based in the North West.

For your artificial turf solution in West Cumbria, call Coombe & Sharpe today for a free estimate.

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