Tradesman SDS Hammer Bits


Addax Tradesman SDS plus

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Tradesman SDS Hammer Bits are used for punching holes in Tough Materials that regular drill bits can’t go through such as: Concrete, Bricks and Stone.

  • 5mm x 110mm
  • 6mm x 160mm
  • 6mm x 210mm
  • 6.5mm x 210mm
  • 7mm x 210mm
  • 10mm x 160mm
  • 10mm x 210mm
  • 16mm x 160mm

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5mm x 110mm, 6mm x 160mm, 6mm x 210mm, 6.5mm x 210mm, 7mm x 210mm, 10mm x 160mm, 10mm x 210mm, 16mm x 160mm