This will be the final phase of our yard expansion project that we have been working on since 2014. In essence this project has been about our company becoming more efficient and more organized in the yard, so that our up front logistics of our landscaping work and the facilities we have to prepare for jobs,  is efficient and effective.  We have been successful at gaining funding from the Rural Development Agency to purchase a stone crushing machine so that we can make our landscaping operations faster and more efficient and will allow an additional two full time employees to join the company. We will be able to crush stone on site to use in our own landscaping jobs but also to sell to the public as part of our new yard sales expansion that we have launched following return to work after Covid 19 lockdown.  The funding also provides for us to purchase  a Plainer Thicknesser machine and a Wall Saw machine for our joinery workshop, which will complement the machinery we sourced in the last funding round.  This will enable us to square and regulate rough timber into planed and smooth timber and to cut sheet materials, both of which we will sell to the public from the yard and will use in our own landscaping works. We are also looking to complete the final stage of concreting in the yard so that we are better able to keep the yard clean and tidy with the heavy vehicles moving across it. This project will enable us to employ more local people and to grow the turnover of our business with a new workstream, whilst enabling us to carry out our existing activities more effectively whilst meeting our environmental challenges.