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Drainage and Groundwork Services

Improve Your Garden Drainage

Coombe and Sharpe have had over 25 years of experience in dealing with property maintenance. We can provide the very best in drainage solutions, using our combined expertise in Landscaping and Drainage.

If your garden is very boggy and water sits on your lawn or patio, we can install land drains and soakaways to channel water into the drainage system. Essentially these are ditches filled with gravel to pull the water from one area to another. In some cases we may recommend that you relay the lawn. In this instance we would take off the turf and improve the soil below with lots of organic matter before reseeding or re-turfing.

A popular alternative these days to living grass is artificial turf, which is available in various finishes depending on your needs and tastes. Find out more about our artificial turf service.

Our drainage services are not just available to domestic customers; we have an established track record of fixing blocked and collapsed drains for commercial clients and insurance companies too.

We can also install eco-grid type drainage systems to very boggy ground. These are perforated rubber mats which link together to form a permeable protective layer.

Stone shillies are then put on top to form a better surface to walk on and robust enough to drive on if laid as part of a driveway, which nevertheless allows water to run through and away.