Paul Coombe & Alan Sharpe

Alan and Paul have been in business together for nearly 30 years. Alan’s background is in farming and forestry, being a qualified expert in all aspects of tree and arboreal management, fencing, paving and waste handling & management. Paul’s background is in construction, a qualified expert in all facets of building, highways, driveways, fencing and waste handling and management. The two met whilst working in the forestry trade and made the decision to form a company because they could see a gap in the market for quality landscaping services. Since then, the Company has grown from strength to strength and both Alan and Paul still enjoy what they do.

This year – 2018 – we’re celebrating 30 years in the trade with the anniversary of Alan setting up his own business thanks to a grant from The Prince’s Trust. Alan was one of the first to benefit from what was a new scheme at the time, which gave him a bursary of £1000, with a further loan of £3000. Alan says that starting out on his own was quite daunting and the free advice and support he got from the business mentor assigned to him by the Trust was very valuable, in some ways more important than the financial support.
A year later Coombe & Sharpe was formed in partnership with Paul Coombes – and the rest is history!

You can read more about this special anniversary in the Trust’s own article about us here. Since the 1980s, The Prince’s Trust has supported more than 80,000 young people setting up on their own. Find out more here.

phil duggan the company joiner

Philip Duggan

Phil joined the company in June 2020.  He has 34 years in the joinery and construction industry and is a fully qualified joiner and machinist.

Philip has joined the team as Yard Manager and is running the machine workshop making fence panels and fencing materials and offers a wood cutting service, he can offer a full range of technical support and advice on timber and construction products, including screws, fixings, and accessories.

Please give Phil a ring with your technical requests and to place an order for collection or delivery, we cater for both the general public and trades people.

Helen Sharpe

Helen Sharpe joined the Company in 2011 and deals with a range of topics from safety, environmental, HR, finance and business. Helen runs the Coombe and Sharpe office. Helen’s background is in Human Resources and Leadership Development and has worked as a consultant delivering leadership and change programmes to a variety of companies in West Cumbria.f standards.

Landscaping Staff

Our team leaders are specialists in brick laying and wall construction and fencing design and construction, whilst our team members are skilled labourers and are developing their landscaping skills as they progress.

All our landscaping staff are qualified to operate the full range of excavation, load carrying, cutting and chipping equipment. They are training and certified under all the relevant health and safety regulations governing landscape management.

We recognise the importance of growing and training our workforce and the importance of supporting the local workplace, as such have a number of Apprentices on board that are learning their trade by working with professional landscapers.

You can rely on Coombe and Sharpe for a quality job delivered to the highest of standards.